World’s Largest Model Train Railway Plays a Record Number of Songs by Tapping Glasses Filled With Water

While Miniatur Wunderland in Speicherstadt, Hamburg was closed to visitors due to the pandemic, the employees used the world’s longest model train railway with a little red train to play a number of classical songs by tapping glasses of water filled at varying heights. The train ran over 220 meters, the length of the miniature park, and used thousands of glasses. This project was rather time-consuming, but in the end, it was awarded the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Melody Played by a Model Train”.

This idea was only possible during the time without visitors in the exhibition. …This gave rise to the idea of driving a train through the entire wonderland and playing a medley of the world’s most famous classical pieces. In the last few weeks it has given us a lot of diversion, fun and a good mood, but also demanded a lot of creativity, inventiveness and perseverance.

Employees shared how they built such an incredibly long and musical line of glasses for the train to play.

We use the lockdown for projects that we have always wanted to implement when there are no visitors. This week we broke the world record. A locomotive drives 220 meters of track through the entire Wunderland and strikes several thousand glasses, while playing a medley of well-known classical songs

via Nag on the Lake

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