World’s Fastest Backwards Runner Talks About the Benefits of His Unique Sport

Aaron Yoder of Lindsborg, Kansas spoke with 60 Second Docs (previously) about his incredible talent for running backwards at high speed. Yoder explains that he had been training for the Olympics when he literally hit a wall and damaged his knee. He then took up running backwards. Yoder explains that this unique sport makes him feel free in a way that he had never experienced before.

The advantages of running backwards are that you get incredible brain improvement because you can’t see where you’re going and backwards running cures fear. It’s really good for people with knee injuries when I’m running backwards I definitely feel like i’m flying. I have no pain.

Since he’s begun running backwards, Yoder has set a couple of Guinness World Records along with other amazing feats.

Aaron Yoder from Lindsborg, Kansas is the world’s fastest backwards runner. Despite the once little-known sport picking up speed, he remains the world champion at running in reverse, with a personal best mile time of 5:30.

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