Worker Helps Sloth Cross a Costa Rican Road

Dayber Barker, a professional climber with The Sloth Conservation Foundation helped a naturally slow-moving sloth across a paved road in Costa Rica.

Watch Dayber, our climber and drone pilot, helping this sloth. Just another day in the South Caribbean!

On smaller roads, staff members usually let the sloths cross by themselves, using their cars as barriers to traffic.

Without a natural or artificial canopy bridge the only way for a sloth to cross a road is by crawling. This takes a lot of time and energy and leaves them very vulnerable to traffic collisions, dog attacks and human disturbance.

The team builds wildlife bridges for the sloths to use rather than roads.

By installing Sloth Crossing wildlife bridges, we aim to restore habitat connectivity and enable sloths and other arboreal wildlife to safely navigate the places we share with them..

via Boing Boing

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