Woman Builds Giant Tree House for the Squirrel She Rescued as a Baby From Her Yard

GeoBeats Animals visited with Patty Robinson, a generous woman who adopted a baby squirrel she named Bunk whom she raised with the intention of setting him back out into the wild.

I had every intention of letting him go free…I tried three more times to let him go and he wouldn’t leave…

Instead of roaming free, Bunk decided that he’d rather live with Robinson. When she realized that he was going to stay, she built him a giant treehouse inside her home so that Bunk could enjoy life as an indoor squirrel.

Being an artist and a builder, I said all right if you can’t be in the trees I’m going to make him a tree. I built him a treehouse all interlocked with his favorite kinds of wood. He’s got the biggest room in the house, eight sliding glass windows, and cathedral ceilings. He can run around the entire room without touching the floor safely because he’s on all his little ramps.

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