Why Cats Don’t Like To Be Dressed Up in Costumes

Famed cat daddy Jackson Galaxy (previously) offers some helpful information as to why cats don’t like being dressed up in costume for Halloween or at any other time. Galaxy explains that while it can be cute, most felines are not amenable to costumes, and for some cats, dressing them up can send them into full-on panic. Additionally, costumes of any kind can restrict a cat’s movement, and the act defies the consent required in a healthy relationship between humans and their animals.

This is not about ownership.  This is about relationship. And part of  relationship is consent. And without your cat   verbally or otherwise being able to give that  consent, then you, as their human guardian,   need to make decisions that you just have  to assume are in their best interests.   And let’s face it, when it comes to the frivolity  of putting your cat in a costume, that is not  you making the most responsible decision for  your cat family member. …Also,  a lot of dogs don’t like it either. I’m sorry to say.

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