Vocal Cockatoo Throws Loud Tantrum Over an Apple

Max, the incredibly vociferous Moluccan cockatoo, told his human that he wanted an apple. When she questioned why, Max raised his voice and threw a riotous tantrum like a toddler demanding the apple. After Max calmed down from the tantrum, his human acquiesced and brought him a tasty apple slice, but he either didn’t want it or forgot about it completely and fell asleep.

What started as a conversation about an apple turned into a tantrum. In so many ways I’m just like a toddler with really big feelings. Although I threw a wobbler over an apple, when my momager finally offered one to me I was no longer interested.

Max “explained” that he sometimes throws tantrums for no reason, but his human understands what to do when that happens.

My momager knows to give me the space I need to vent my big feelings. She stays calm and waits it out. She also keeps her hands away when I am upset – during a tantrum I’m not always rational about my actions. Tantrums don’t last long when you feel safe and secure. My hooman understands that it’s just part of me being a bird – I can be very loud, but it’s my way to express myself.

Sometimes Max loudly expresses himself, if only for the sake of doing so or for no reason at all.

Some days you just need to tell the world all about your problems. In so many ways I’m just like a toddler with really big feelings. Although I threw a wobbler, I didn’t have anything specific to yell about – and couldn’t even tell momager what was wrong. I felt much better after I had a good yell, then it was time to relax on the perch and consider a nap.

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