Two Sleepy Cats Nap Next to Piano Hammers

A sleepy kitty named Haburu, who enjoys napping next to the hammers on an upright piano, was joined by his little feline sister, a rescue named Pineapple. According to their human Minh, Pineapple is a bit shy.

Now in most of the videos, you usually only see one cat and that is the gray and white. two and a half year old Scottish cat called Haburu. But he does have a ginger and white sister cat called Pineapple who usually only shows herself occasionally in the videos and will sometimes sleep with a guru on the piano with him.

Pineapple was very sick when he first found her, but now she’s fully recovered.

Pineapple was a rescue cat Minh found…abandoned next to a landfill. He took her home with the hopes of helping her. …Over the course of two months he took care of her. Because she was paralyzed she could not move about or eat or go to the toilet so she stayed in one location the whole time, but by the end of the two months she started making a recovery and started walking around like a normal cat. Today she is happy and healthy.

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