Two Men on a Picnic Engage in a Clever Wordplay Conversation Using Dad Jokes and Literal Synonyms

Pip Ketchip and Nic Musterd (Dan Opsal and John Haskell) of Real Big Boys had a picnic in a park where they had an odd but clever wordplay discussion that used words that were humorously defined by dad jokes and literal portrayals of each word’s synonym. This odd exchange took the conversation down some very interesting avenues, which included a hairy blue character known as “The Fuzz”.

I also bought a really long shirt .

A dress? 

223 Woodcrest Avenue 

What about the mall?

Oh the stitches from the bear attack come out next Tuesday….

It’s just nuts

I know but i’m allergic so i can’t eat them. 

I also brought speed.

Aren’t you worried about the fuzz?

Nah, he’s busy playing basketball

…Oh, my car got towed

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