Trio of Playful Cheetahs Steal Cameraman’s Jacket

In an amusing clip from the BBC Two series Cheetah Family & Me, a pair of juvenile cheetahs and their mum adorably stole a jacket belonging to renowned Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan.

After following the cubs nearly their whole lives, Gordon Buchanan may not seem as scary as the cubs first thought… so now is the perfect chance to steal his jacket!

Buchanan had been following the cheetah family around since the cubs were small. Now that they’ve grown quite a bit larger, Buchanan was a little reticent in retrieving said jacket. When he finally got the courage to do so, one of the cheetahs sneaked off and tried to steal his camera bag. By that point, the Scotsman had quite enough.

You’ve got an obsession with my rucksack. It doesn’t smell of anything other than sweaty Scotsman but it seems sweaty Scotsman is like catnip. …I’m a little bit scared about what you might do.  ….Scaredy cats. Okay it’s time to call our day. See you tomorrow

Buchanan also notices that the behavior of big cats changes according to the time of day.

Nine months ago the cubs kept their distance. Now not so..They’re all wide-eyed and eager. It’s funny I’ve seen that with other cats. That when it gets dark, there’s a change in behavior.

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A post shared by Gordon Buchanan (@gordonbuchanan_wildlife)

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A post shared by Gordon Buchanan (@gordonbuchanan_wildlife)

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