Trainer Sets Record for Most Dogs in a Conga Line

Wolfgang Lauenburger, the trainer who previously set the Guinness World Record for the most skips by a dog on hind legs in 30 seconds in July 2022, set another record for The Most Dogs in a Conga Line. This adorable line featured 14 of Lauengburger’s canines, each of whom effortlessly stood on their hind legs while perching their front legs on the dog in front of them.

The most dogs in a conga line is 14, and was achieved by Wolfgang Lauenburger (Germany) in Stuckenbrock, Germany, on 25 August 2022. …[He] organized these 14 dogs into a line and got them all working together to set a new record.

Lauenberger broke the record that his young daughter Alexa previously held with eight dogs in December 2019.

Wolfgang actually broke the record set previously by his daughter, Alexa!

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