Tom Scott Lands a Realistically Simulated 737 Jet

The adventurous Tom Scott went inside a simulator at the Airline Flight Academy in Dublin, Ireland to experience what it would be like to land a Boeing 737 in the case of an emergency of Scott’s own making.

I’m gonna be on my own in the disaster movie scenario where I am the only one left conscious on the plane. And… I dunno, what do you think my odds are?

The experience was so real that Scott sometimes forgot that he was in a simulation.

Oh yeah, I’m just nearly panicking slightly. I forgot this was a simulator for a minute.

Luckily, pilot and flight instructor Petter of MenTour Pilot was there the whole time to talk through the entire flight process. On the other side of this equation, Petter wanted to see if he could help Scott land a plane.

In this video I will put to test a theory I have had for a long time. I will check if it would be possible for me to talk down a passenger, using radio, who was all alone in the cockpit. And the passenger who will get this questionable honour, is Tom Scott!

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