Tom Scott Gets His Voice Remixed Into a Hyperpop Song by Digicore Artist Beardyman

The ever-curious Tom Scott visited with digicore artist and producer Beardyman at his London studio where his voice was remixed into a hyperpop song. The pair had a great deal of fun recording the song, which was comprised of various lyrics provided by the fans from Beardyman’s Patreon.

Beardyman has been the monarch of live-looping and beatboxing for more than a decade. Today, he’s remixing me, live. It’s going to get weird

The full song, which is called “Shelter Me From the Rain”, premiered on Beardyman’s channel. To Scott’s surprise, he also released it as a single.

Beardyman’s actually released this as a track. There’s a load of more stuff, plus the final produced track, in a video over on his channel!

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