Three of the Strangest Geographic Borders on Earth

The well-informed travel vlogger Johnny Harris explained how and why three of the strangest geographic borders on Earth came into existence.

I’m interested in borders that look interesting on a map and that are connected to real world things, real people. There are a lot of these out there, trust me, but there are three in particular that I want to talk about today. Three borders that blow my mind and that help us learn about how far countries will go to control land and water…

This somewhat contentious list includes the 3,000-kilometer, landmine-rich sand wall built by Morocco to separate itself from Western Sahara, the constantly changing border of Turkey inside Syria to specifically include the tomb of Suleyman Shah, and the oceanic border of the South China Sea, to which several countries lay claim but to China eventually went control.

So all these lines can look all complicated, but in reality, it’s pretty simple what it should look like. Okay, those are my three borders. There are so many of these examples. These are the ones that are most peculiar and strange to me right now.

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