The Underrated Genius of Ringo Starr

Brandon Toews of Drumeo explored the truly underrated genius of Ringo Starr, noting how Starr instinctively knew how to accompany each song from the drum’s point of view.

Drummer, singer, songwriter, bandleader, rock ‘n’ roll pioneer…Ringo is responsible for making drumming look cool and inspiring countless people to take up the instrument. …BUT… Is Ringo Starr one of the greatest drummers of all time? Or is he only famous because he was a member of The Beatles?

Toews also pointed out how Starr’s left-handedness on a right-handed kit gave him his signature style.

In the words of Ringo, “I’m no good on the technical things. I’m your basic offbeat drummer with funny fills because I’m really left-handed playing a right-handed kit”. …While this may be true, it didn’t stop him from coming up with drum fills that were original musical and ultimately memorable.

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