The Ruins of the 1984 Olympic Village in Sarajevo Captured in a Stark Aerial Tilt-Shift Timelapse

Joerg Daiber of Little Big World captured the stark beauty of the decaying ruins of the now-abandoned Sarajevo Olympic village through the lens of an aerial tilt-shift timelapse. This was the site of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. Several years after The Olympics, the village was used as a barrier fort during the Siege of Sarajevo which took place during the Bosnian War, which raged on through 1995.

It was the first Winter Olympic Games held in a socialist state. During the Siege of Sarajevo (1992 – 1996), the longest siege of a capital city in modern warfare, fighters on both sides took to the mountains surrounding the city, using the Olympic structures as battlements and storage for their fighting and weapons.

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