The Importance of Accepting and Acknowledging Mental Health as a Part of One’s Overall Well-Being

In a gentle animation, the consistently insightful and thoughtful School of Life explains that one must accept that no one is perfect to deal with mental illness issues. Issues with mental health are just another facet of such imperfectness that is much a part of oneself as anything else and is no more and no less than what one accomplishes in life.

The best philosophical background against which to wrestle with mental unwellness would be one that conceived of the human animal as intrinsically rather than accidentally flawed, a philosophy that would resolutely reject the notion that we could ever be perfect and would instead welcome our griefs and our errors, our stumbles and our follies as no less a part of us than our triumphs and our intelligence.

They also state that, while one’s mental health cannot be ignored, episodes of pain and/or depression can be repaired with the kindness and patience of those whom we love.

We can confront our illness without panic or fear, with a quiet intelligent sadness perhaps best captured by the word melancholy… and that, however much we might hate ourselves at this moment, we deserve gentleness, patience and respect as we feel our way towards repair.

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