The Evolutionary Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Renowned cat expert Jackson Galaxy looks at the similarities and differences between the cats and dogs who live in our homes.

For the most part, they are both covered in fur, have four legs, and live in our homes. That much we know. That said, they are different species! Let’s explore all of the things that differentiate cats and dogs – and one similarity that will surprise you.

Galaxy explains how the two species differ in physical, social, dietary, mobility, and perception. The most significant difference began with the evolution of each animal.

It really does come down to this evolutionary difference that’s really the journey of domestication with dogs. We co-evolved with them from that time they came in with us and it was all about helping us hunt sharing our food and …over time, selectively breeding them to do very specific jobs. And in the meantime they became companions ‚ĶWith cats it really came down to this mutually beneficial relationship starting 12,000 years ago.

Galaxy also firmly stated that neither animal is better than the other.

You guys, cats are not better than dogs, dogs are not better than cats. 

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