The Evolution of the Negroni Cocktail Over 163 Years

Slovenian mixologist Kevin Kos prepared and tasted four different versions of the classic Negroni cocktail from three distinct periods, showcasing how the cocktail evolved over the 163 years since its invention. The earliest version from 1860 was known as the Milano-Torino, the second from 1919 was known as The Americano, and the final iteration as we know it. Kos also included his own favorite version. No matter the differences between the drinks, they all contained Campari.

Milano-Torino and the Americano – which has even been ordered by James Bond in Casino Royale, we’ll see how important Campari was for the development of the Negroni. We’ll make a stop in 1919 Florence for the birth of the modern Negroni using gin instead of soda, and finally I’ll show you how I like to make my Negronis – going for a tropical Venezuelan gin and changing the equal parts specs most people know and love.

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