The Creator of the 2011 Viral Video ‘Potion Seller’ Reflects on the Infamous Meme a Decade Later

Actor and author Justin Kuritzkes, who is most famously known for his 2011 viral video “Potion Seller”, sat down with Know Your Meme (previously) to talk about how he came up with the idea for the video.

Kuritzkes also shared how the Photobooth app on his computer helped him create and separate the characters of the knight and the potion seller and cited the incredibly creative feedback he’s received over the past ten years from this one video.

In the video, Justin is playing with his computer’s photo booth function while performing a dialogue between a knight about to head into battle and a potion seller who refuses to sell him potions because they’re “too strong.” After the video was posted, it inspired numerous memes, animations, remixes, and tributes.

Here’s the original video from 2011.

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