Tenacious D Amusingly Romps Around the Beach for Their Cover of ‘Wicked Game’

The incomparable Tenacious D, who previously performed an absolutely flawless acoustic cover of the iconic Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game” on SiriusXM Octane, took their rendition one step further with an amusing music video that pokes gentle fun and pays tribute to Isaak at the same time. The adorably rotund pair cavorted around in the water on the beach, which was somewhat reminiscent of the way Isaak and Danish model Helena Christensen did in the original video.

Here’s the original music video.

Isaak was so amused by this cover that he posted about it on his Instagram account.

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This is great! Why wasn’t I invited? The only thing that would make this video better is Helena Christensen 

Helena Christensen responded in kind.

Let’s do it again! All 4 of us

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