Taylor Hawkins Singing the Queen Song ‘Somebody to Love’ in One of His Final Foo Fighters Performances

During Lollapalooza Chile, drummer Taylor Hawkins was asked to trade places with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Hawkins came out from behind the drums and took the microphone in hand. Grohl went back behind the drums and counted off the classic Queen song “Somebody to Love”. From there Hawkins absolutely slew the vocals, rivaling even the late, great Freddie Mercury with his vocal range. Sadly, this was one of Hawkins’ last performances as he unexpectedly passed away just a few days later on March 25, 2022.

Grohl and Hawkins were always big fans of Queen. In 2017, the band performed the David Bowie/Queen song “Under Pressure” with Rufus Taylor, son of Roger Taylor, on drums.

Here are a couple of interviews with Hawkins.

Here’s Hawkins performing with Alanis Morrisette in 1995 on Late Night with David Letterman.

There goes my hero, watch him as he goes. Rest in Peace Taylor. You will be miss greatly.

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