Smashing Pumpkins Plays Live on Illinois Cable Access Show ‘Pulse Basement Jam’ in 1988

In 1988, the then-unknown band Smashing Pumpkins performed on the Roselle, Illinois cable access rock show The Pulse during its “Basement Jam” segment. The band had submitted their self-titled demo tape to Pulse producer Lou Hinkhouse who was blown away and booked them right away. This was the band’s first public performance. It certainly wouldn’t be their last.

It was a really unique time for them in their development. None of us that day really knew for sure, but we knew they were on to something. And you can kind of see they feel they’re entering a new decade, about to explode on to the national scene … and are about to define a new sound for a new generation.

Here’s the full introduction to the show.

This video was first made available to the public on the 2012 deluxe re-issue of Pisces Iscariot.

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