Skeletonics, A Fully Articulating Robotic Exoskeleton That Expands the Human Body by Three Meters

During the Haneda Smart City EXPO 2021, the engineers behind Robot Start Ltd debuted an awe-inspiring robotic exoskeleton they call “Skelotonics” that expands the human body by three meters (9.8 feet).

The most popular was the body expansion robot “Skeletonics”. You can wear a machine body with a height of 3m and move as a huge body.

This exoskeleton, which is meant to be used for extreme Superhuman sports, is fully articulating and was able to wield a toy sword during the demonstration.

“Superhuman sports” is a sport that exceeds the physical abilities of human beings by using advanced technology and is enjoyed as a superhuman. We aim to be a sports tournament or game tournament that anyone can enjoy regardless of their strengths, ages, or disabilities.

via The Awesomer

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