‘Severance’ Deleted Scenes Featuring Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, an admitted fan of the Apple TV+ show Severance, revealed to the audience that he was actually in the series but wound up on the cutting floor. After trying to understand how someone can behave one way at work and another way at home, Colbert shared the “deleted scenes” of his tenure at Lumon, where he thought he was actually starring in The Office. Series stars John Turturro, Tramell Tillman, and Adam Scott happily played along with remarkably straight faces.

Stephen loves everything about the hit Apple TV+ show, ‘Severance,’ except for the fact that he didn’t get to star in the show. Luckily we found all of his scenes that were left on the cutting room floor, so you can enjoy his performance alongside the show’s real stars, John Turturro, Tramell Tillman, and Adam Scott.

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