Sea Lion Comes Out of Ocean Daily to Visit Dog BFF

An elder wild sea lion came out of the Pacific Ocean one day and befriended a beautiful chocolate Lab named Slim who lives on Malibu Beach. Over the next two years, the sea lion would exit the sea and come onto the sand to visit with his canine buddy. Slim’s human Lindsay explained that Slim wasn’t fond of other dogs, but really enjoyed the company of his pinniped friend.

I took him to the dog park and I watched him just not want to play with dogs. He’s so much more comfortable in the water. This is his real natural habitat …The sea lion showed up three to four time a week at least for two years …. it was so unbelievable. They had this really gentle curious manner about them they just wanted to be in each other’s company and that was enough.

Sadly, the sea lion passed away shortly after their last visit together. Lindsay stated that she was encouraged by the friendship between the two animals.

We love to think that the sea lion came to rest in front of our house so that he could spend his final moments with Slim. He wasn’t constantly wondering where his friend was but every time that he would come around it was like the greatest surprise ever. You can just learn so much from animals.

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