Scottish Broadcaster Tells Dogs Olive and Mable a Scary Bedtime Story About a Haunted Pale Wolf in the Woods

Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter (previously) told his two dogs, Olive and Mabel, a scary Halloween bedtime story about a pale wolf that haunts the woods in the dark.

The video then switches over to Cotter’s voice as he films himself in a first person POV walking through the woods, anxious to get home to watch Succession. As he picks up speed he sees the pale wolf. He breaks out into a panicked run, stating that he’s too handsome to die. When he’s cornered by the pale wolf and colleague, he surrenders to whatever they want.

Back in the present, Cotter sees that the story put Olive to sleep but Mabel is still wide awake, waiting to hear the end of the story.

The most interesting thing about the man in the forest? He didn’t have any biscuits.

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