Scientists Release Rare Giant Stingray Caught by Cambodian Fisherman Back Into Mekong River

Fishermen in the north-eastern Stung Treng province of Cambodia hooked an enormous freshwater stingray from the Mekong River that they turned over to researchers who studied the incredibly rare creature and then released it back into the river.

A rarely-seen freshwater stingray weighing 181kg (400 pounds) was hooked by fishermen in the Mekong River on May 5, 2022. The 4-metre (13ft) stingray, one of Southeast Asia’s largest and rarest sea creatures, was living 75 metres (246ft) below the surface.

The fisherman accidentally caught the giant ray in early May 2022 and called in visiting scientists to assist in keeping the ray alive so it could be returned unharmed back into the wild. Nat Geo host Zeb Hogan of Wonders of the Mekong and his team took part in this incredibly rare rescue.

A couple of weeks ago our team assisted in the rescue of a rarely seen and endangered 400-pound, 13-foot-long giant freshwater stingray. Believe it or not, these magnificent creatures can weigh over 1300 pounds and grow to over 16 feet in length! Researchers believe that these giant creatures may find refuge in neighboring unexplored deep pools within the Mekong River.

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