Rob Scallon Tries Out a Headless Double-Sided Guitar

Musician Rob Scallon, who is seemingly up for any musical challenge, tried his hand at a Busuyi double-sided guitar. This bright-yellow instrument features six guitar strings on one side and four bass strings on the other. According to Scallon, the neck is thick and the instrument a bit unwieldy to play.

It’s just such a thick neck. Yeah we’re just gonna figure out what music we can make with it we don’t really have anything planned. You do a bar chord then you already have the bass note on the other side with your thumb?

As it turns out, Scallon was holding the instrument incorrectly. Once he had it right side up, he and drummer Jessica Burdeaux jammed for a bit. The neck still felt too thick, however.

The guitar was upside down. I was doing the wrong thing. … I could do it better but like getting around that neck hurts.

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