Rescued Dog With Three Legs Gets Around Quite Well With a Prosthetic Fourth Leg

A beautiful dog named Watson, who lives in Virginia Beach with his loving human Mary Strokus, finds that he can get around quite well using a prosthetic front leg.

Being tri-pawed doesn’t stop this pooch from enjoying life. Active duty navy personnel, Mary Strokus, 30, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, shared the story of her tri-pawed dog, Watson, and how he gets along just fine on three legs with the help of his prosthetic leg.

Watson, whom Strokus adopted while she was stationed abroad, lived most of his seven years with only three legs, making him unlikely to accept a prosthetic. Yet, despite his age, Watson had no problem with his new fourth leg. And it certainly didn’t change his wonderful personality.

I adopted Watson while I was living in Italy, he had already had the surgery and had been sitting in a shelter for over six months. Daily life for Watson is pretty easy, he goes on walks, he runs, he barks at the evil mailman, and loves his long naps

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