Rescued Blind Senior Pitbull Thinks He’s a Tiny Dog

A wonderfully good-natured blind senior pit pull named Petey thinks he’s a toy breed of dog when he walks, hangs out, and eats with his petite buddies.

Blind shelter pittie eats dinner with a pack of Chihuahuas and has the best manners of anyone.

Petey was rescued by Shira Scott Astrof of The Animal Rescue Mission in Los Angeles and was immediately placed in a foster home with six chihuahuas, which is where he began to believe he was a small dog. Since then, Petey has found his forever home with another rescued senior pittie named Bella, whom he loves.

He is so happy and so loved the only thing that could have made that better was when I got a call from them that they wanted to get Petey a friend. I thought of this one girl Bella. She is also a senior pit bull. they met and they were immediately infatuated with each other.

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