Recreating the Netflix Intro With Yarn

Creative stop-motion animator Kevin Parry took a truly analog approach to duplicate the distinctive Netflix animated intro using $30 USD worth of yarn.

For no reason at all, I took on the challenge of recreating the Netflix ‘ta-dum’ intro with YARN! Why? Because I love stop-motion and challenging myself.

Parry stated that it took three days to animate the yarn to recreate the entire launch intro, complete with sound effects. While he was very pleased with the results, it departed from his normal work and was far more tedious than he expected.

The whole process took about three days of moving yarn, one frame at a time. So a lot more tedious than I expected, especially because it’s not dynamic animation or there’s no performance. Nothing’s happening it’s just moving yarn along very slowly but I love the process and I love bringing these kinds of ideas to life, you know. My final animation looks nearly identical to the original intro.

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