Producer Giles Martin Explains How Songs From The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ Were Remixed for the Re-Release

Legendary music producer Giles Martin (son of “Fifth Beatle” George Martin) explained how some of the most famous songs from The Beatles‘ album Revolver were produced, taken apart, and remixed for the album’s 2022 re-release.

It means the listener can be more immersed into it, and listen to the band in the studio, as they played it.

Martin also deconstructs such hits as “Taxman”, “Rain”, “Here, There, and Everywhere”, and Eleanor Rigby. He also notes the type of audio techniques used originally and in the remix, and talks about how each band member could be heard on the album.

The thing with Revolver is you hear all four of them, and you hear all four of their input onto it

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