POV Footage of a Hot Wheels Car Racing Around an Intricate Treetop Track With a Floating Gondola

Backyard Racing, who previously built an amazing boosted Mega Track for a camera-equipped Hot Wheels car, followed up by building an incredibly intricate treetop track that features an elevator and a floating gondola 30 feet in the air that carries the camera-equipped Hot Wheels car to another tree.

DIY Hot Wheels Gondola from nextfuckinglevel

The track also runs along the top of a wooden fence, and deep into the yard, where a hungry shark awaits.

Take a ride on the Treetop Express and see the neighborhood from 30ft up in the air where a mini elevator will zip you to the top of the tree. You’ll zoom across tree branches, floating platforms, toy construction zones, and a wood block castle finish line. There’s jumps, loopty loops, boosters, tunnels, and even a close call with a shark!

The entire track was filmed with a POV camera-equipped car to capture the experience up close.

Hot Wheels Backyard Tree Track with Gondola from HotWheels

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