Pajamaed Performance Artist Comfortably Reads in Bed While Mounted on an Exterior Stucco Wall

In the surreal Thierry Mandon project “Inside-Outside”, the fully pajamaed performance artist comfortably reads in bed underneath a picture frame and in front of a nightstand, each of which is mounted onto an exterior stucco wall. This whole scene requires sustaining the illusion of relaxation while simultaneously maintaining perfect balance. This installation took place in ChambĂ©ry, France in 2015.

Characters, a sort of archetype of the individual, are staged in improbable, uncomfortable, absurd situations. They are confronted with incompatible space-times, with their human condition, their limits, their weakness or their creative power. …These themes are reflected in works in which two elements frequently appear, two worlds (ex) posed in a precarious balance; often in search of harmony, of a stable unity between man and his environment.

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