Oregon Man Shares the Wonders of the Fall Season With His Rescued Pitbull

A rescued pitbull named Bam Bam was shown the beautiful colors of the fall season in Oregon by his loving human for the very first time.

This is his first fall of his life I’m excited to show him everything about fall. 

Nate had adopted Bam Bam from Real Good Rescue in Los Angeles and had never seen this change of season before. Nate gladly shared all the autumn traditions, including enjoying a (dog-safe) pumpkin latte, running into leaf piles, and picking pumpkins together. Bam Bam really enjoyed the pumpkin patch.

We took him out to the pumpkin patch as soon as I let him off leash, he just started bolting around. He ended up picking the pumpkins that we ultimately picked and harvested. He was just… holding it like, ‘Yep, this is the pumpkin. We’re taking this one home’.

Bam Bam appeared to have lost all hope after he was owner-surrendered to a shelter. Terah Gisolo, the founder of Real Good Rescue, saw the signs and knew that he wouldn’t live very long if kept in that environment. She took him home and fostered him for a while. He was incredibly fearful of everything until he began to spend time outdoors. Gisolo then realized that Bam Bam would be the perfect dog for one of her best friends.

He was still very fearful. I would take him for hikes. That’s when I started to really see him open up and blossom. There was a chance that he would get adopted by someone in LA but my best friend; he’s a super athlete. I basically told him that I had found his dog

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