Norwegian Glacier Archeologists Find a Pair of Incredibly Well Preserved 1,300 Year Old Pre-Viking Era Skis

Norwegian glacier archeologists from Secrets of the Ice were surveying a large ice patch around the Digervarden mountain in Innlandet when they discovered an incredibly well-preserved ski from approximately 1,300 years ago, before the Viking Era. The first ski of the pair was found in 2014. Since that time they have been monitoring this ice patch looking for the second ski to complete the pair.

We have found the best-preserved pair of skis from prehistory! Back in 2014, the Secrets of the Ice program found an exceptional pre-Viking ski, 1300 years old, at the Digervarden Ice patch in Norway. The ski was complete, including the binding – one of only two skis from prehistory in this condition. Ever since, we have monitored the ice patch, hoping and praying for the second ski of the pair to melt out. Now it has happened! 

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