Nancy Wilson of Heart Explains How to Play the Acoustic Intro to Their 1975 Song ‘Crazy on You’

Legendary guitarist Nancy Wilson of the band Heart, who previously explained how she stole the riff for “Barracuda” from a Joni Mitchell/Nazareth song, demonstrated in great detail how to play the acoustic intro to the band’s 1975 hit “Crazy on You”. The intro, which Wilson calls “Silver Wheels”, is a beautiful combination of hammer-ons, pull-off, slides, and harmonics.

This clip was taken from the 1996 Nancy Wilson: Instructional Guitar DVD.

…A song called “Silver Wheels”, that was the introduction on “Dreamboat Annie” to a song called “Crazy on You” and a lot of people always ask me “how does that go?”…

Here’s Wilson playing the song live.

Wilson also shows how to play “These Dreams” and the Led Zeppelin song “Battle of Evermore”. She also discusses learning fingerpicking skills.

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