Musician Performs an Ongoing Original Song to Showcase the Sound of Different Guitars

Multi-instrumentalist Andrea Boccarusso, who previously created “The History of Metal”, quite impressively performed an ongoing, original song playing seven different guitars. To show the difference, he varied the song to suit each particular guitar.

An exciting journey throughout the different faces of this beautiful instrument called guitar.

With each guitar, Boccarusso provided information about the specific sound of the instrument and for which style of music the instrument is most commonly used. He also explained how different effects, pedals, and whammy bars work to alter the sound.

Guitars in order of appearance:

Classical Guitar: GW ST893 Steel-ring

Acoustic Guitar: Starsun ST890/N 12 String Steel-ring

Acoustic Guitar: Cort GA-MEDX 12 OP

Electric Guitar 1: Fender American Stratocaster (2008)

Electric Guitar 2: Gibson Sg Special Faded w/ Crescent Moon Inlays (2002/2003)

Electric Guitar 3: Schecter Reaper Multiscale

Electric Guitar 4: Schecter Special Edition E-1 FR S

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