Mark Hamill Works the Jack In the Box Drive-Thru Where He Once Got Fired for Doing Clown Voices

The absolutely inimitable Mark Hamill surprised customers by working the drive-thru window at a Jack in the Box restaurant where worked as a teenager and was fired for talking like a clown on the job. Years later, the management invited him back.

I worked here as a teenager, I finally got to work the window and I thought instead of just saying “Can I take your order?” In my regular voice, I did a clown voice and they didn’t like that. They didn’t like it at all. All these years later they called me up and said “do you want to come back second chance?” For sure, shut up! And now i’m back baby. Second chances are awesome.  

Once again, Hamill greeted customers in a creepy clown voice, leaving customers wondering what was happening. As soon as they pulled up to the window, they saw that familiar face from Star Wars and immediately understood and reacted with appropriate excitement.

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