Man Takes Devoted Pet Turkey Everywhere He Goes

A man named Dave Brooker, who lives in Wouldham, Kent, England takes his beloved turkey T2 (Trouble Version Two) wherever he goes aside from work. According to Brooker, she’s really patient and will wait for him inside the car, just like a dog.

She’s just become a really big part of my life apart from work. she goes everywhere with me she rides around in the car, goes shopping. So she waits in the car for me and enjoys getting out the car and eating Scotch egg.

While Brooker keeps turkeys for their eggs, he didn’t expect for T2 to be his constant companion. I was she who picked him.

Her mum was sitting on 12 eggs in the first two hatched but unfortunately …they perished. So I set up a brooder with a heat lamp. She was the first one out. Al the other chicks survived. I managed to keep all the 10 chicks alive um all the other nine went back under the mum but this one kept coming back out to me … I then put her back in the brooder and started taking her home and the adventures started there.

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