Man Sets Up Treehouse for Baby Squirrel He Rescued

Writer Ronald C. Milburn shared the story about his finding a creature in his driveway that was so tiny he didn’t know the species. He brought the animal into his home and shortly realized that the animal was a squirrel. He named the squirrel Robert T. Squirrel (Bobby) and raised the little Sciuridae to full health and growth. Milburn set up a treehouse for Bobby when he was ready to be released so that he would always feel at home.

It was time to release him so I bought a squirrel house. He loved it and that was his home. He bonded with me. He comes in the house when he wants to. We’re friends and sometimes he’ll sit on my knee while I watch television. When he’s ready to go outside just like a pet, he’ll run to the door.


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