Man Meets the Love of His Life in a Wichita Elevator

StoryCorps tells the heartwarming animated story of how Paul Wilson met Wilma, the love of his life, in the elevator of a building in Wichita. He was riding the elevator up to the tenth floor when he set eyes on the attendant (Wilma) standing right next to him. It was love at first sight. He also recalled when he met Wilma’s daughter Barbara, how he was scheduled to go off to war and how they married three days after he returned. Paul and Wilma’s younger daughter Marty Smith also participated in the conversation.

In the time it took Paul Wilson to ride the elevator up 10 floors to his office, he knew he had met someone special – Wilma. He had just been drafted and was about to spend three years in the service. Three days after returning, Paul and Wilma were married. They remained together and in love for the next 63 years.

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