Man Grows Out His London Backyard to Make it Welcoming to a Family of Foxes and Other Wildlife

Executive recruiter David Fielding has “rewilded” his backyard and urban pond in Southeast London so that it would be more welcoming to a growing family of foxes and other wildlife who choose to stay. Fielding told SWNS that he has watched the foxes over the past few years.

David Fielding, 54, has spent the past four years watching foxes play in his garden and has seen the initial couple grow to a family of nine. Keen to offer the friendly foxes a home to enjoy, he’s even rewilded his garden so the foxes can happily play in the long grass and drink from his urban pond in comfort.

Fielding also makes room for frogs, newts, birds, and snails.

Fielding also offers helpful advice about rewilding gardens

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