Man Enters Robotic Dog Into a Prestigious Dog Show

The very funny Zac Alsop trained his Unitree Go1, a doglike quadruped robot, to compete in the agility course portion of a prestigious British dog show. Alsop consulted with renowned dog trainer Gina Pink and choreographer Alice Dardenne to get both he and the robot he named Roobot trained for their big day.

Apparently this is the future of dogs… It doesn’t bark, it doesn’t pee in the house. So to prove it’s the future I entered my robot dog into a prestigious dog show to try and beat the real thing. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as planned. Although Alsop had fun, he hadn’t accomplished what he set out to prove.

I’m a fraud. I’ve not proven robot dogs of the future. In fact I did the opposite. I was jealous of what my competitors had. That wasn’t Roobot’s fault. He’s just not real. Perhaps I’m just too focused on the future sometimes to realize what I actually had.

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