Man Builds Elevator for His Beloved 20 Year Old Cat Who Has Trouble Climbing Stairs

Liam Thompson built a very clever elevator that safely transports his beloved 20 year old cat Frodo up and down a very steep set of outdoor stairs. Despite his advanced age, Frodo would hobble up and down these steps in order to reach his favorite place to sit in the sun. Thompson sought to make things easier for his elderly cat in that regard, so he crafted a cart, a rail for the cart to slide down, and an electronic hoist that allows for controlled movement of the elevator.

This is my cat Frodo he’s almost 20 years old now which for a cash is like Dumbledore Gandalf territory. Now despite his ancientness, he still insists on hobbling down these stairs every day to sit out in the sun. That is until today. …I LIKE SPOILING MY CAT SUE ME

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