Man Attaches a Tiny Camera to His Cat’s Collar for 24 Hours to Reveal His Kitty’s Secret Life

British vlogger Half-Asleep Chris, who previously attached GPS trackers on his cats Ralph and Tom after they went missing overnight, decided to attach a tiny Bluetooth enabled Insta360 GO 2 camera onto Ralph’s collar. Chris was able to monitor Ralph’s movements and interactions in real time. He was also able to adjust the aspect ratio, the video direction, and other video options. When the wearable camera needed to recharge at night, Christ put night vision cameras out in strategic places around the house.

I put a tiny camera on my cat’s collar for 24 hours, to reveal his secret life. After GPS tracking him and filming him with secret night-vision cameras, by putting a camera ON Ralph himself, hopefully, we can learn more about his top secret cat business, and what he gets up to at night or when he’s alone.

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