Mabel the Dog Helps Helps Her Human Clear the Yard of Autumn Leaves and Apples

Andrew Cotter, the wonderfully witty Scottish broadcaster, and his goofy yellow lab Mabel decided to clear the yard of dried leaves and apples from a tree, among other autumn gardening chores. Mabel did her best to gather up as much as she could but kept returning with sticks of various sizes. While Cotter appreciated the effort, he told her that he preferred that she go and find some leaves instead.

Well cleaning up the leaves just has to be done doesn’t it? And you and me working together makes it quicker. Well not really because that’s not a leaf. Can you give me that…remember we talked about the difference between leaves and sticks…so let’s just put that away and see if you can find an actual leaf.

Mabel was, however, very helpful with the apples.

There you go. Hey getting the hang of it. Now you contributed. Contributed one apple. 

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