Mabel the Dog Dreams of Being a Police Dog Partnered With Her Human in a 1970s American Crime TV Show

While Mabel, the wonderfully goofy yellow lab of Olive and Mabel fame, was sleeping on the couch with her tongue out, possibly dreaming about being a crime-solving police dog alongside her human Andrew Cotter. Or maybe she was just dreaming about squirrels.

I’m speaking very quietly because I don’t want to disturb …Mabel is losing her dignity entirely, dreaming about chasing squirrels or licking squirrels for some reason. 

Cotter put on his best American accent to expand the notion of Mabel’s dreams and created a humorous video roll of the two partners working together to solve mysterious murders in a 1970s action show á la Starsky and Hutch.

Ah, murder before breakfast never gets easy. What are we looking at Mabel? A victimless crime? Damn Mabel that’s cold. You got to put your own feelings to one side on this. We don’t choose who we do and do not protect. Come on let’s go to work. One more thing, the chief says this one is an undercover job…

Olive, on the other hand, was draped over a separate couch asleep, possibly dreaming about being a motivational speaker.

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