Lost Parrot Talks His Way Back Home

A beautiful and rare Solomon Island Eclectus parrot named Tiki interrupted a neighbor’s Easter dinner to ask for help getting home to his worried human Brent Chadwell.

A rare species of talking parrot managed to escape his home in Cape Coral and then talk his way back to his owner.

While Chadwell’s girlfriend was cleaning the back deck of their Cape Coral, Florida, Tiki escaped out the back door. According to NBC-2 News, the couple was frantic to find him.

For three days, he and his girlfriend were up early and out late looking for Tiki. They plastered his picture on social media, asking everyone in the neighborhood to keep their eyes peeled for this green parrot.

After being out for a few days, Tiki decided that he wanted to go home. He landed on the neighbor’s lanai with the hope that he could rely on the kindness of strangers. He said peek-a-boo several times to homeowner Reed Schweizer, who first thought it was a joke. Luckily, Schweizer’s sister Angela, who is a veterinarian in Houston, contained Tiki while she posted a picture of him on social media, and Chadwell responded immediately.

I started crying as soon as I saw that picture because I knew that was Tiki,The fact that we found him a quarter mile away after three days is a miracle.

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