Leonard Nimoy Is Introduced to the Magnavision LaserDisc Player by a Blinking, Bleeping Rock in 1981

In his role as Magnavox spokesman, the late, greatly missed Leonard Nimoy was introduced to the Magnavox Magnavision VH-8000 LaserDisc Player in 1981 by a white rock that blinked and beeped as a means of communication. This commercial featured a mustachioed Nimoy dressed all in white, a Star Trek inspired theme song and a full 1980s vibe.

This is, perhaps, one credit that Leonard Nimoy would probably like to forget about. As spokesman for Magnavox, Leonard Nimoy demonstrates the first consumer LaserDisc player made, the Magnavox VH-8000 Magnavision. He is introduced to and guided through this product by a blinking, beeping rock.

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